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Professional Canadian Immigration
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Our expert team guides you through the Canadian Immigration
process, including work and study visas, citizenship,
sponsorship, and so much more.

The Canadian Way

Metric Immigration is here to offer you and your loved ones a helping hand through the process of remaining inside Canada legally. We provide specific guidance in securing all the correct and proper documentation so you can work, study, grow and thrive in our beautiful country. We are located in stunning Calgary, Alberta, and offer years of experience for each client. We are a fully certified consultant firm and in good standing with the Immigration Consultant of Canada Regulatory Council.

Our goal is to offer you a smooth transition by first communicating how the process will work and what you can expect for your unique situation. We are proud to be an immigration consultant in Calgary that knows the lay of the land and has developed a strong network of connections and advisors to tackle any situation that arises. With Metrics Immigration, you get a full-service, caring team of immigration consultants.

How Does it Work?

Every Canadian immigration situation is unique. How we will move forward will depend on our client's specific background and goals. In general, our services will include:

Initial Consultation

Start with a quick free consultation to review your situation.

Eligibility Assessment

Design an immigration plan based on an assessment of your particular eligibility.

Gather Documents

Collate all the proper documentation according to the plan.

Submit Documentation

Review and submit all documentation to the correct location and office.

Guide and Follow Up

We support and offer guidance when needed throughout the remainder of the process.

Services | Canada Immigration

We offer several professional immigration services into Canada. Each program and pathway requires intimate knowledge of the legal system and a reliable network of expert staff. That is why hiring a professional team like that at Metrics Immigration is necessary for your successful entry. Whether you are a student finishing a degree, a worker with advanced knowledge, a refugee seeking shelter, or a family member eager to rejoin the rest of your loved ones, we are here to help.

Ready to Begin Your Immigration Journey? | Canada Immigration

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