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Offering the Gift of Sponsorship

Canada would like to extend its warm welcome of residency to those family members and refugees that fall within specific parameters. The government believes strongly in the value of keeping families together to ensure a household that functions well within society. People granted sponsorship tend to be permanent residents that can live, work, and study in Canada and also can get canada sponsor visa. This process is one of the more straightforward pathways for immigration into our great country. Each case is considered as an individual situation.

What are the Steps?

There are many cases in which a Canadian can sponsor an immigrant in and outside of the family structure. The most common are Family Class Sponsorships and Refugee Sponsorships. The available sponsorship classes in Canada are:

  • Spouse or Common-Law Partner Sponsorship
  • Parent and Grandparent Family Class Sponsorship
  • Parent and Grandparent Super visa
  • Dependent Child Sponsorship
  • Provincial Family Class Sponsorship

The steps involved are: 

  • Check the eligibility of your sponsor.
  • Confirm who you can sponsor.
  • Apply for sponsoring your family member.
  • Pay any fees.
  • Submit an application. Obtain the confirmation of permanent residence.
  • Prepare to settle in Canada.

Important to Know

This application process will receive a careful review as the immigration process for family members can sometimes be used as a political point of debate. That means that the laws and regulations tend to shift a bit here and there, according to the administration. For that reason, We at Metrics Immigration stay up to date with any new step or extenuating circumstance that might change your application status For canada sponsor visa.

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