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Traveling to Canada as a Visitor or Tourist

Visitor or Tourist
Canada is home to some of the most stunning natural resources, and landscapes known to humankind. It is a welcoming country full of kind-hearted people that enjoy legendary sports, music festivals, incredible food, and endless cultural experiences. We welcome visitors from all around to come and enjoy the bounty and life of our country. We only ask that you follow some rules and keep us informed of your visit. Metrics Immigration is here to help facilitate your next vacation or stay in Canada and will help you to get canada visit visa.

canada visit visa

What are the Steps?

  • The first thing is always to check what requirements you will have based on your country of origin. 
  • Gather all required documents with at least 6 months of future space available for canada visit visa. 
  • Fill out the required applications. 
  • Complete any additional requirements as designated by your specific situation. 

Important to Know

It can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks to complete and receive your visitor’s visa to Canada. Some specific forms and allowances need to be addressed that we at Metrics Immigration can provide guidance and support. This is an often overlooked area of immigration because tourism is not as easy to define as work or study. For that reason, small mistakes can often sidetrack your application. Hiring an experienced immigration consultant firm enhances your success rate of receiving a visitor’s visa.

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